Teike Family

Teike Family Tree

Teike, Freiderich Wilhelm, Farm Labourer, (1846-1937) Liniewko, the son of Frantz Ludwig Teike & Marianna Parobkiewicz m. (11 Oct 1868) Church of the Holy Trinity, Lubiszewo-Tczewskie, Mathilda Julianna Klimek (1848-1921) Kamierowo, the daughter of Mathias Klimek & Anna Smolińska. Family—Liniewko; Francisca (1869-1956) & Franz (1871-1919). The family left Rokitki for Hamburg where they set aboard the “Palmerston” 29 Jul 1872, arriving at Port Chalmers, Dunedin, 6 Dec 1872. Listed aboard were—Fried. W. Teike 26, Mathilda 25, Francisca 3 & Franz 9 mths. They were sent south to Scroggs Creek on contract work with Brodgen & Sons to lay the southern railway through the Taieri. While living on the Taieri they gave birth to—John (1874-1874) & Anna (1876-1876). Frederick purchased section 19 & 20 of block 12 in the settlement of Greytown 1 Jun 1877. The family then moved to Waihola where two more were born—Joseph (1878-1954), fostered by the Annis family of Waihola, & Martha (1880-1911). In 1882 the family moved to Fairfield where Frederick worked as a brick maker then coal miner for the Walton Park Coal Co. Here they gave birth to—Janet (1882-1980). The family moved to East Taieri (Riccarton), where Frederick continued coal mining and labouring and had three more children—Martin (1884-1970), Louis (1886-1887) & Catherina (1887-1888). Returning to Fairfield on the Main South Road just up from the brickworks they had the last of their children—Harriet Matilda (1889), Albert Felix (1892-1931) & Thomas Eric (1893-1970). From 1896 to 1898 Frederick resided at Shag Point working in the coalmines there. His father in law, Mathias Klimek, resided with him at the time.  A letter was sent to Frederick in New Zealand making him sole heir most probably at the time of his widowed mother’s death in 1885. Frederick declined the offer as it would require him to return and face the Germans. With that he destroyed the letter. Frederick, a labourer, was naturalised as a New Zealand citizen 2 Oct 1929. He died at Ophir where his youngest son, Thomas Eric, had the Blacks Hotel on 20 Aug 1937 aged 89. He is buried at the Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin.
Francisca (Mary) Tikey m. (18 Jul 1894) St. Mary’s, Mosgiel, Thomas Blaney in a double wedding ceremony. They first lived on an orchard at Mosgiel until fire moved them to Fairfield. It is believed they lived at one time in the old Tikey house, across from the Walton School, then built a home further up from the Walton school. They had one son—Edward James. Tom worked for a time as a coalminer at Fairfield & Nightcaps. Mary was known as a great cook working for a hotel at one time. Mary & Tom moved to Port Chalmers where they resided with a Swede, Charlie Johanson, aboard the steamer “Kaikoraia”. Alongside were two other steamers, which Tom was caretaker. During the second world war, both Tom, and son Ted as cabin boy, worked on the hospital ship “Maheno”. Mary died at Dunedin 6 Dec 1956 aged 87 and is buried at the Port Chalmers Cemetery.
Frank Tikey m. (1900) Oamaru, Annie Blackman (1878-1961) Oamaru. Family—Winton; Charlotte Martha, Nightcaps; Anne, Frederick William, Gladys Matilda, Scots Gap; May Harriett & Riverton; Elizabeth Mabel. Frank worked as a coalminer and died at Dunedin 15 Sep 1919 aged 47 and is buried at the Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin.

Mary (Franciszka) Teike.

Franciszka (Mary) Teike.

2.Tikey Friederich Wilhelm

Freidrich  Teike.